Additive Manufacturing

Using innovative polymers and advanced processes to deliver complex parts in short timescales for businesses at the frontier of their industry.

With a diversity of polymer AM technologies and materials, we will find the right combination of part design, production system and material to meet your specifications and budget. Our polymer production is backed by finishing and inspection services.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS): With low part cost and a wide selection of proven materials (PA2200, CFN PA12), SLS is a popular AM production technology and an ideal alternative to injection moulding for low production volumes.  We use machines with a large bed to cater for larger part sizes and batches, up to 380mm x 700mm x 580mm.

Stereolithography (SLA): also known as resin printing, SLA produces high-accuracy parts with fine features and a smooth surface finish. A number of advanced materials are available, including Somos® PerFORM Reflect specifically designed for wind tunnel testing. Our SLA build envelope is 800mm x 800mm x 600mm.

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM): using a continuous spool of thermoplastic filament, FDM allows us to produce components in a variety of high-performance polymers. Our build envelope is 614mm x 914mm x 914mm.

Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF): an industrial-grade technology to achieve higher levels of production of end-use parts. SAF provides a broad capability to control the print process to achieve accurate, consistent production at competitive part costs.

Programmable PhotoPolymerisation (P3): An evolution of DLP, it is ideal for the mass production of functional end-use parts. With P3, manufacturers can achieve injection moulding part quality and surface finish with incredible accuracy, in a diverse and continuously growing range of high-performance materials.

Composite filament carbon-filled PEEK: one of the highest performance polymers in the world, it has outstanding mechanical properties with thermal and chemical resistance.

Finishing & Colouring: the DMC is equipped with a variety of surface finishing (vapour fuse) and colouring solutions for high-specification, bespoke components.

Silicone AM: we offer silicone AM with world-leading quality that meets relevant medical standards. Silicone parts are available from the DMC in Shore Hardness 20A/40A/50A/60A. Part sizes up to 130mm x 75mm x 120mm.


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